2 Piece Biker Short Sets (Long Beach)


2 Piece Biker Short Sets (Long Beach)

‘2 Piece Biker short sets’ are known for their comfort and flexibility, making them ideal for various physical activities like cycling, yoga, running, and more. The set typically includes a matching top, creating a coordinated activewear ensemble.

【Features of 2 piece biker short sets】

  • The tailored, figure-hugging silhouette of these sets is an ideal choice for streetwear or creating laid-back bodycon styles.
  • Featuring a stylish crew neck, solid color palette, and a flexible high waist, these stretchy short sets add a touch of charm and fashion to your appearance.
  • Crafted with a wide waistband for effective tummy control, they enhance your natural curves and refine your physique.
  • This timeless yet contemporary design enhances your summer aesthetic.

【Material used in Biker short sets】

  • 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
  • Crafted from ribbed, stretchable knitted fabric. So, this set offers an ultra-soft and cozy feel.
  • These coordinated sets gently conform to your body, offering both comfort and breathability with their natural, cool, and comfortable fibers.
  • The gentle elasticized waistband of ‘2 piece biker short sets’ ensure maximum comfort and support, and the non-translucent material inspires confidence during any activity.


  • Simple to elevate or dress casually.
  • It serves as a versatile ensemble, suitable for various occasions including lounging, workouts, pajamas, or as a jogger set.
  • You can mix and match them with different tops or bottoms to create a variety of outfits.
  • With its relaxed design and neutral color, this timeless two-piece biker short sets complements nearly any attire.

【Occasion for 2 piece biker shorts】

Hence, great for the summer season, these two-piece ensembles designed for women are versatile for everyday wear, workout attire, or leisurewear.

Whether, you’re out for errands or attending a relaxed get-together, Our Two-Piece Biker short Sets make a fantastic complement to your clothing collection.

Conclusion :

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